2-hour Live Workshop every Quarter


Ready to create a game plan for success?


Join me for my 2-hour Quarterly Game Plan Live Workshop to create and build your business momentum...So that you can focus, grow and prosper in business!

I will work with you to forecast your Wildly Important Goals (WIG'S) for the Year breaking it down into quarterly action plans. You will have a clear, succinct plan for the year and actions to implement.

We will run this at the beginning of each quarter to check in on your progress and develop the following quarter in order for you to reach your WIG's! 

Let's do this!!


  • You want clarity, focus and a clear direction for the year.

  • You want to remove the uncertainty and stress of running a business.

  • You are you ready to increase your impact and income as a health coach, wellness consultant or healthcare professional.

  • You are ready to step up and stop fluffing about, get serious and reach 6 and multi 6 figures.

  • You want the financial freedom and independence your business can provide.

  • You want a clear, succinct plan for the year and actions to implement with the support of an experienced mentor. 


In This Workshop You Will Learn

How you can forecast your Wildly Important Goals (WIG'S) and breaking it down into a quarterly action plan.

How to gain the absolute clarity and certainty in order to move the dial in business this year.

How to implement your plan in order to increase your impact and income without overwhelm or burnout.

Join me for my 2-hour Quarterly Game Plan Live Workshop



Download the Quarterly Game Plan Workbook to help get you started



This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re ready to take action and step up in your business
  • You’re a qualified health coach, wellness consultant or healthcare professional with your own business
  • You want to overcome fear and uncertainty around running your business
  • You want to work with more people and earn more money in your business
  • You want to learn from someone who’s been in your shoes, and can support you to build a successful and sustainable business


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Let Christine show you how to create a profitable and stress-free wellness business!


Celeste Cleary

In 2023 I've attended all four of Chris's Quarterly Game Plan sessions. I found them extremely helpful for planning my business, managing my expectations and holding myself accountable, whilst keeping balance with my personal life.

Kicking off in January with a clean slate and a clear head was such a kick-start! We looked back over the past year, noticed strengths & values and celebrated some wins, which gave a good perspective from which to plan future goals.

I've come to value this time I take at the start of each quarter as an amazing gift, where I get to step out of the weeds and climb a tree to 'zoom out' to the big picture. I can shift my perspective and notice what I've achieved from my goals so far. I can look ahead to the possibilities for the next 3 months, whilst also incorporating my priorities outside of work.

I also take time at the start of each month to do a mini-review and plan the smaller steps for the month, which further keeps me on track. It also gives me regular proof of what I'm achieving and that feels so awesome!

This is a practice I will continue going forward and I highly recommend to anyone who is detail-focused or prone to overwhelm, like me! Thanks Chris, the game plan has been a game-changer for me.

About Christine Boucher


Christine Boucher is passionate about Improving the HEALTH of staff and the WELL-BEING of business

She is a nurse-turned Corporate Health Consultant and mentors other health coaches, wellness consultants and healthcare professionals to breakthrough to corporate/community health. Helping them to master their wellness business and take it to the next level.

Over the past 18 months, there have been significant shifts toward the focus on employee health and wellbeing. Many employers are now looking to implement health programs for their staff, and this is your opportunity to work with more people, and earn more money.

Christine will support and empower you to increase your revenue and build a profitable, successful and sustainable wellness business. There has never been a more perfect time to expand your business into the world of corporate/community health and wellness, and I’m here to help you!


Stay Healthy,