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Mentoring Health Coaches, Consultants and Healthcare Professionals in Corporate Health

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Are you ready to Break into Corporate/Community Health and Wellness, build an impactful and profitable Wellness Business?

Natalie Moore

Christine’s programs were the stepping stones I needed to boost my confidence, focus, and motivation to get out there and expand my services to workplaces. Christine’s wealth of knowledge and experience shines through, and she is truly committed to supporting and mentoring her program participants. 

I’ve come out of the programs feeling focussed and confident as I pivot my services to corporate workshops. 



Empower Your Journey into  Corporate/Community Health & Wellness  

Welcome to the WELLNESS BUSINESS HUB MEMBERSHIP designed to help 

Health Coaches, Wellness Consultants and Healthcare Professionals 

break into the lucrative corporate/community/group health & wellness sector.

Whether you're just starting business or looking to scale your expertise into corporate or community groups, our options offer the tools and resources YOU NEED TO SUCCEED!



Join me for my 2-hour Quarterly Game Plan Live Workshop at the beginning of every quarter to create and build your business momentum. So that you can focus, grow and prosper in business!


There’s never been a better time to deliver health workshops to workplaces and community groups. Join the challenge to create your very own signature wellness workshop which can be sold again and again, leveraging your impact & income! 


Health & Wellness Coaching in the Corporate World is an online program that will give you the clarity and confidence you need to become a profitable coach in the corporate health and workplace wellness space.


Take your wellness business to the next level. Breakthrough to Corporate is an online self-paced program, providing you with the insights, foundation, and support you need to earn $10,000+ per month in your business!



Discover mentoring packages that can assist you to become clearer and more confident in your business and offerings. Working one on one with Christine, she will guide you through any barriers or challenges you may be facing, and help you to beat the overwhelm so that you can excel in your wellness business without burning out.


Mentoring Package


Mentoring Package


Mentoring Package


  • 6x 1:1 coaching sessions over 3 months
  • 1x SOS call
  • Recordings provided


  • 12x 1:1 coaching sessions over 6 months
  • 3x SOS calls
  • Recordings provided


  • 24x 1:1 coaching sessions over 12 months
  • 5x SOS calls
  • Recordings provided
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Explore my 1:1 Mentoring Packages below

Discover coaching packages that can assist you to become clearer and more confident in your business and offerings. Working one on one with Christine, she will guide you through any barriers or challenges you may be facing, and help you to beat the overwhelm so that you can excel in your corporate coaching business. 

Kickstarter Coaching Package


  • 6x 1:1 coaching sessions over 3 months

Mastery Coaching Package


  • 12x 1:1 coaching sessions over 6 months

Premium Coaching Package


  • 24x 1:1 coaching sessions over 6 months
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Hi, I’m Christine - CEO of Wellness Worx and Wellness Business Mentor


Over the past couple of years, there have been significant shifts toward the focus on employee health and wellbeing. Many employers are now looking to implement health programs for their staff, and this is your opportunity to work with more people, and earn more money.

There has never been a more perfect time to expand your wellness business into the world of corporate/community or group health and wellness, and I’m here to help you!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges of running a business, and it can sometimes feel like a lonely journey. This is your chance to build a thriving business that is aligned with your strengths and unique talent, with me standing by, championing and supporting you every step of the way!

I have worked with hundreds of health coaches, wellness consultants and healthcare professionals breaking into the lucrative corporate/community health sector and now I would love to help you, too. I have a number of programs and resources on offer, however, if you’re looking for a more tailored solution, then take a look at my one-on-one coaching packages where we can work on the most important areas of your business, together!

Through these coaching programs I will support and empower you to increase your revenue and build a profitable, successful and sustainable wellness business!

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Wendy Trevarthen

Christine’s programs are invaluable. They were clear in scope, and provided great direction when it comes to identifying your ideal client, all the way through to completing proposals and agreements. Christine was a great mentor, and I now have the confidence to take the next steps in my coaching career.


Lisa Saunders

I loved Christine’s programs! They have given me the skills and information I needed to achieve my goals and help others in this space thrive. The practicalities of each unit were very real and doable, and the work was relevant to what I wanted to achieve. Already I have seen the learnings pay off!


Expand your Health and Wellness Business Into The Corporate Sector

The Corporate Health and Wellness market is expanding rapidly.

I will show you how to transform your wellness business from surviving to THRIVING.


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