Online Wellness Programs

Custom-Built Online Wellness Programs

Wellness Worx offers custom-built online programs that are focused on the objectives and requirements of your company and your staff. Having access to a resource of wellness support online for large organisations is valuable for your staff to access anytime they need wellness support, strategies, and education to maintain self-care and personal wellbeing.

Book in here to discuss having your very own Organisational Online Wellness Program available for your staff wherever they are located, whenever they need it.

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ADAPT Program

ADAPT is an online training program for Wellness Support Officers using a case management approach and the ADAPT (A Detect And Protect Training) principles for client care.

The ADAPT program focuses on improving client wellbeing outcomes and access to professional healthcare resources.

Throughout this program - Wellness Support Officers will have access to established frameworks, tools and resources as well as ongoing mentoring to deliver the Wellness Program.

ADAPT will build on the skills and knowledge of Wellness Support Officers. ADAPT has been developed to guide Wellness Support Officers in their approach to support client's to make sustainable life changes, reducing their situational and/or financial distress. ADAPT provides a model for a consistent and structured approach to client care.

Join the ADAPT Program now and help your clients thrive!

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Stress to Strength

This helpful guide is all about teaching employees how to move from a state of stress into one of certainty and strength within their work environment.

Learn practical, proven strategies to live a happier and connected life, reduce stress and prevent burnout.

This program benefits employee performance, productivity, and workplace profits.

In this program you will learn to identify YOUR triggers to stress, understand what is happening in YOUR body when you go into the stress response and learn management techniques that will work for YOU.

This will help individuals manage their stress, build their resilience and inspire a positive mindset. Creating a harmonious working environment, strong relationships and a healthy company culture.

Join the Stress to Strength Program now and help your company thrive!

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Kylie Holmes CEO RFCS Gippsland

Christine Boucher (Wellness Worx) has been an integral part of developing and delivering a RFCS Gippsland wellness program. I have had the pleasure of working with Christine since 2020 at the height of Bushfire support and recovery in East Gippsland. Christine’s dedication, professionalism, and a shared passion for improving the well-being of our rural communities has contributed to our program's success. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Christine, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration and fostering healthy and vibrant rural communities for years to come.