Stress To Strength

Transforming your Company Culture

This is a helpful guide for employees to move from a state of stress into a state of certainty and strength. Learn practical proven strategies to live a happier more controlled and connected life. Improving performance, productivity, and profit. In this program, you will learn to identify YOUR triggers to stress, understand what is happening in YOUR body when you go into the stress response and learn management techniques that will work for YOU.

This will help individuals manage their stress, build their resilience and inspire a positive mindset. Creating a harmonious working environment, strong relationships and a healthy company culture.



  • Your staff are feeling tired and drained, and you’ve noticed productivity has dropped off.
  • There’s tension and frustration among staff and you’re struggling to resolve it.
  • Sick leave and staff turnover are on the rise.
  • You’re finding it tough to juggle work and home life… and constantly dropping balls!
  • You’ve always wanted to pursue a hobby or interest, but feel like there’s never enough time in the day.
  • You get to the end of the day feeling completely exhausted and like you’ve been on auto-pilot.
  • You rely on caffeine and alcohol to de-stress and relax more often than you care to admit.


This helpful guide will steer you in the right direction.

Away from a state of stress and unease and into a state of certainty and strength. You and your staff will learn practical ways of living a happier, more controlled and connected life - both at work and in your personal lives.

The program will teach proven strategies on how to identify YOUR stress triggers, an understanding of what happens to YOUR body when you go into the stress response and what management techniques work best for YOU.

It’s all about helping individual staff manage their stress, build resilience and inspire a positive mindset in themselves and those around them. The program is a powerful, cost-effective way of creating a harmonious working environment for employees, and a healthy and thriving company culture.



Videos tutorials to work through online at your own pace

Bonus resources including meditation & visualization exercises

Practical exercises to complete with each module

A complimentary 1:1 Health Clarity Session



Go from a state of stress, overwhelm and anxiety, to a place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation whenever you choose to use the strategies you’ll learn.

Harness your strengths from within to get you through challenging times.

See improvement in how you and your organisation work together as a dynamic team, while increasing overall productivity and performance.

A healthy and productive work environment will foster loyalty, satisfaction and increased profitability in the organisation.

Reduce the chance of burnout which leads to an increase in staff turnover, sick leave, workers compensation claims due to accidents and illness, and ultimately a loss of profits.




The Fundamentals:

Concept 1 - YOU are in the driver's seat. Strengthen your ability to take charge of your thinking, actions and physiology. You can activate your stress response and you can also activate your relaxation response. Which will you choose?

Concept 2 - Emotional Intelligence is key. Develop your emotional intelligence to empathise with coworkers, have deep conversations about our relationships with significant others. It’s also important to connect with others, understand ourselves better and live a more authentic, healthy and happy life.

Concept 3 - Think positive. Positive thinking reflects your outlook on life, your attitude toward yourself and whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic. Promote positive thinking to inspire a healthy and happy life.

The What, The Why, The How:

Triggers: We’re all triggered by stress differently. What causes you stress, might not bother your work colleague, and vice versa. How do you know if you’re stressed? It all comes down to knowing your triggers and how to manage them.

Physiology: What is stress? Learn the basic physiology of stress so you can better understand what’s happening in your body and how to manage and control it more effectively.

Signs & Symptoms: We all experience stress differently. From some people, it might show up physically as tight muscles, a headache or nausea. For others, it might be more mental and show up as worry, confusion or difficulty focusing. Learn how your body reacts to stress and how you can manage your signs and symptoms.

Workplace performance: Understand how stress can affect your output and results in the workplace, and implement the techniques to be more engaged, productive and a more proactive team player.

Management: We’ll give you the strategies and tools to move through and manage your stress in the way of a personal “stress buster” plan - a plan for you to go from Stress to Strength!

Building Resilience: Resilience is the ability to cope with unexpected changes and challenges in your life. It’s not always possible to prevent stressful or adverse situations. Strengthen your capacity to deal with these challenges, and in turn, you’ll help build your coping mechanisms and resilience.


I enjoyed Christine's Stress to Strength workshop and online program; it's given me some practical and simple strategies to help me manage stress."

Sarah Blaine, Admin

"Christine has transformed our organization from a stressful culture to building a strong, happy and more relaxed team."


Alex Field, CEO

About Christine Boucher

Christine Boucher is super passionate about transforming the health and workplace culture of organisations - both big and small.

And it all starts with improving the health and wellbeing of each individual employee, so they can go onto work productively and cohesively as a team.

Christine has made the most of her time as a nurse by empowering organisations to see the true value in nurturing the health and wellbeing of their staff.

She is all about empowering, educating and supporting organisations and their staff, while mentoring other health coaches drawn to the power of the corporate health world.

And Christine’s skills, passion and extensive qualifications speak for themselves…

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Diploma Intensive Care Nursing
  • Diploma Bowen Therapy
  • Level 3 Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Gippsland Community Leadership Program
  • President of EmpowHER East Gippsland


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