Health & Performance Coaching


Wellness Worx provides individualized, highly effective health & performance coaching that results in long-lasting, significant transformation. We assist clients in identifying their goals and the factors preventing them from reaching them.

As a team, we come up with the best and most practical course of action to improve wellbeing and performance.


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Benefits of Health & Performance Coaching for staff:

  • Increase morale, improve employee productivity and decrease burnout.
  • Manage stress and build resilience resulting to improved workplace relationships.
  • Encourages positive and empowering mindset thereby increasing healthy staff attitudes in the workplace.
  • Optimise performance, efficiency, healthy relations and cohesive team dynamics for a happy and productive work environment.
  • Decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels, reduce the risk of chronic diseases resulting to reduce time off work for a hospital visit.

What is Health & Performance Coaching?

Health & Performance coaching is centred on setting up clear goals, understanding how obstacles affect wellbeing and performance, working through solutions to these obstacles, and keeping up the motivation to get everything done. Encouraging and strengthening the self-assurance and resiliency that underlie every person and provide individually tailored performance coaching to bring about significant change that is highly effective, and long-lasting.

The average return on investment (ROI) for both health and performance coaching has been shown to be about 3:1. In addition to financial gains, you can anticipate fewer sick days, lower staff turnover, and a decline in workplace accidents, stress, and burnout.

Talk about a big boost in staff performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Are you ready to see amazing results?

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