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Health & Wellness 

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Health Coaches, Wellness Consultants & Healthcare Professionals

break into the lucrative Corporate/Community

health & wellness sector.

Whether you're just starting business or looking to scale your expertise

our options offer the tools and resources



Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’re a health coach, wellness consultant or healthcare professional
  • You’ve thought about working with groups but you’re lacking confidence and don’t know where to start
  • You’re struggling to find a consistent flow of 1:1 clients
  • You’re tired of chasing people and trying to fill your programs
  • You’re looking for some clear direction and guidance on how to create a profitable and abundant corporate, community or group focussed business
  • You’re looking for tools, resources and support to move into the Corporate Coaching, Workplace Wellness or Community group space
  • You want to be mentored and guided by someone who’s been there before, and has successfully built their own profitable Wellness Business
  • You have BIG goals for your business and know that you need to squash the self-sabotage and be known as the expert 


can help take your business to the



You will be personally coached and mentored by me, (Christine Boucher) plus you’ll be given access to all of the foundations, resources, guides, and templates I have used to go from earning 

$2,000 per month, to $30,000 per month in my wellness business.

The corporate market or community group can provide you with an exciting new business direction, and can help to alleviate some of the pain and uncertainty that comes with trying to find 1:1 clients to fill your programs.

You will feel empowered and excited about transitioning your business into the world of corporate or community health. Not only will you have all the practical knowledge and resources you need to thrive, but you’ll finally feel confident in your own skills and abilities as a business owner!

What results will you achieve?

  • Boost Your Bottom Line: Move away from 1:1 at $100 per hr to 1:Many at $1000 per hour to increase revenue.

  • Gain Clear Insights: Identify and overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of your business growth.

  • Radiate Confidence: Elevate your self-belief to attract clients and seize bigger opportunities.

  • Command Your Value: Ensure you're compensated appropriately for the transformative services you provide.

  • Increase Your Position: Rise above the competition by strategically positioning your wellness brand.

  • Embrace Support and Encouragement: Surround yourself with a community that empowers and has your back.

  • Accountability for Success: Stay on track with a network of like-minded wellness business owners dedicated to achieving their goals.

  • Business Model, Plan & Acumen: Develop a sustainable business model, a strategic plan and enhance your business acumen.

Wellness Business Hub Options

Start Up


This is tailored for health coaches, wellness consultants and healthcare professionals seeking business support in corporate/community health, enabling you to leverage your impact, elevate confidence and get started in building the business of your dreams.

HUB Includes:

  • Quarterly Game Plan X4 $350
  • Workplace Wellness Workshop Challenge X2 $194
  • Workplace Wellness Workshop Challenge Graduation X2 $100
  • Annual in-person Social Meetup $235
  • Monthly group coaching sessions X8 $2,000
  • Q&A sessions X5 $1,250
  • Guest expert sessions X5 $1,250
  • Hot Seat Sessions X3 $750
  • Private online community 
  • Library of Resources
$6,129 Value

Note: to avoid booking fees (to pay by direct debit), please get in touch and we can arrange to issue an invoice instead.

Investment Options

Pay per Year: $3,000
Save $300

Scale Up


This is tailored to health coaches, consultants and healthcare professionals who are in business and ready to scale up in corporate/community health. Enabling you to attract clients, create tailored programs, and deliver impactful services to corporate or community groups.

HUB Includes:

  • Quarterly Game Plan X4 $350
  • Workplace Wellness Workshop Challenge X2 $194
  • Workplace Wellness Workshop Challenge Graduation X2 $100
  • Annual in-person Social Meetup. $235
  • Monthly group coaching sessions X8 $2,000
  • Q&A sessions X5 $1,250
  • Guest expert sessions X5 $1,250
  • Hot Seat Sessions for collaborative problem-solving X3 $750
  • Private online community for networking and peer support.
  • Library of Resources
  • One-on-one Mentoring Sessions X3 1 Hour $1,500
  • SOS Calls X3 30 Min $750
  • Health & Wellness Coaching in the Corporate World $435
  • Breakthrough to Corporate Program $3,000 
  • Professionally Designed Templates $250
$12,064 Value
Note: to avoid booking fees (to pay by direct debit), please get in touch and we can arrange to issue an invoice instead.

Investment Options

Pay per year: $6,000
Save $600


All The Tools You Need To Build A

Successful & Sustainable Business

We can often feel alone in our business journey and at times get stuck. 

The WELLNESS BUSINESS HUB creates a sense of community and belonging, which helps you to grow, be supported, and develop your business acumen.

A safe space for you to connect with one another, to work towards your business goals, share experiences, offer insights, and empower one another to SMASH it in business.

Never feel alone in business again!

Kind words from some of our clients

"The Quarterly Game Plan has helped me to prioritise the planning part of my goals because the path is clearer." 

You enabled me to set out the steps I need to take to achieve my big goals. I now feel more confident to set 'bigger hairier goals' because I can now chunk them down into manageable steps. Looking forward to the nest Quarterly Review.

Celeste Cleary
"Christine’s Program was the stepping stone I needed to boost my confidence, focus, and motivation to get out there and expand my services to workplaces.

Christine’s wealth of knowledge and experience shines through, and she is truly committed to support and mentor her program participants. I’ve come out of the program feeling focussed and confident as I pivot my services to corporate workshops."

Natalie Moore
"Christine’s Program was invaluable...  I now have the confidence to take the next steps in my coaching career. 

It was clear in scope, and provided great direction when it comes to identifying your ideal client, all the way through to completing proposals and agreements. Christine was a great mentor, and I now have the confidence to take the next steps in my coaching career."

Wendy Trevarthen


Group Coaching offers participants the advantage of diverse perspectives and collective problem-solving, fostering innovative solutions and creative ideas. Additionally, it provides a supportive network of peers, promoting accountability and motivation for achieving professional goals.

WWW Graduation to consolidate your learnings and celebrate designing and delivering your signature wellness workshop.



Business Planning

Quarterly Game Plan Live Workshop to create and build your business momentum. So that you can focus, grow and prosper.

I will work with you to forecast your Wildly Important Goals (WIG'S) for the Year breaking it down into quarterly action plans. You will have a clear, succinct plan for the year and actions to implement.


Q&A Sessions provide the opportunity to get clarity on your current challenges and problem solve as a group to find the best solutions for professional development.

Guest Expert Sessions, learn from and gain valuable insights from experts in the business industry.

Hot Seat Sessions where we will all focus on your business, and you will receive invaluable feedback and growth.


1:1 Mentoring Sessions provide personalized guidance and tailored strategies, accelerating individual growth and skill development while addressing specific challenges to achieve professional success.

1:1 SOS Sessions facilitates quick decision-making and problem-solving in critical situations, helping you minimize potential disruptions and maintain business resilience.



A Private Online Community Facebook Group, a safe and supportive community to share your challenges & wins.

Annual in person Social Meetup, strengthens relationships and fosters a sense of camaraderie, enhancing collaboration and trust among members throughout the year.

When Does it Happen?

Whether you're starting up or scaling up, it's a 12-month membership. It’s about true collaboration, learning, growth and networking with a group of like-minded individuals. To get the most out of it be sure to add these dates to your diary/calendar.

Every session runs on a Friday starting at 9.30 am Melbourne/Victoria/Australia

It's an open HUB, there is no starting date, join when you are ready to make more of an impact and income in your business. 


  • Rest
  • Relax
  • Rejuvinate

February - Onboarding

  • 2nd Group Coaching
  • 9th Quarterly Game Plan
  • 16th Q&A 

March - Mindset

  • 8th Group Coaching
  • 15th Guest Expert
  • 29th Hot Seat

April - Products & Services

  • 5th Group Coaching
  • 12th Quarterly Game Plan
  • 19th Q&A

May - Clients

  • 3rd Group Coaching
  • 17th Guest Expert
  • 20th Workplace Wellness Workshop Challenge

June - Clients

  • 7th Workplace Wellness Workshop Graduation
  • 21st Q&A
  • 28th Hot Seat

July - Finance

  • 5th Group Coaching
  • 12th Quarterly Game Plan
  • 19th Guest Expert

August - Sales

  • 2nd Group Coaching
  • 16th Q&A
  • 19th Workplace Wellness Workshop Challenge

September - Sales

  • 6th Workplace Wellness Workshop Graduation
  • 20th Guest Expert
  • 27th Hot Seat

October - Marketing

  • 4th Group Coaching
  • 11th Quarterly Game Plan
  • 18th Q&A

November - Systems & Process

  • 1st Group Coaching
  • 15th Guest Expert
  • Date TBC Live Meet Up


  • Rest
  • Relax
  • Rejuvinate

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Christine Boucher

Christine Boucher is passionate about transforming the health and workplace culture of organisations - both big and small.

She is a nurse-turned Health Coach, who started her coaching journey working one on one with clients. She quickly discovered that there was a better way - and that was by delivering group Wellness Workshops, Programs and services to the corporate market and community groups. This shift in business allowed Christine to increase her revenue to over $30,000 per month, all while supporting her 2 children and becoming confident in her capabilities and offerings.

Christine’s skills, experience and qualifications include:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing
  • Diploma in Bowen Therapy
  • Level 3 Health and Wellness Coaching
  • HCANZA Health & Wellness Coach of the Year 2023


Christine will support and empower you to increase your revenue and build a profitable, successful, and sustainable wellness business in the corporate/community health sector.




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