AĀ revolutionary and interactive approach to personal and workplace well-being. Designed by a dedicated Intensive Care Nurse, this game is driven by a heartfelt commitment to improving individuals' health, preventing hospitalization,and enhancing workplace productivity.

Requires 30+ participants


Enlighten Self and Others Well-Being Awareness

Cultivate Organisational Culture & Team Work

Highlight Workplace Psychosocial Hazards

How Well can you play?

The Wellness Game is a powerful tool to raise awareness of both personal and collective well-being. Participants embark on a journey of self-discovery while also learning to empathize with their colleagues.

Through the game, participants actively implement actions that promote a positive and supportive organisational culture.They explore the impact of their behaviour on workplace performance and productivity.

The game fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration as participants work together within their teams, each taking on different roles with unique challenges. Success depends on their collective efforts.

The Wellness Game is more than just a game; it's a transformative experience that equips participants with the knowledge and motivation to create healthier, cohesive teams andĀ safer workplaces.

Why would your team participate in The Wellness Game?

  • Fun way for teams to connect with each other especially for hybrid, remote or logistically removed staff.
  • Safe space to talk about individual health challenges, creating empathy and awareness.
  • Opportunity for creativity and friendly competition, simulating real life and providing solid results.
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