An aging population and chronic disease: How you can reduce the RISK to your business

Most businesses take an interest in their employee’s health in one way or another. In addition to the employee’s basic health coverage, some businesses provide amenities like healthier food options in their cafeterias, gym memberships, and ergonomic desks. These are all well-intended options for helping employees, but when it comes to chronic disease, it barely moves the needle.

The question still stands: How can an employer impact the prevention of chronic disease in the workplace? Answer: By educating employees on how to modify their current behaviors before they turn into a chronic condition. Adults spend most of their time in the workplace, which is why it makes the most sense to attempt to reach them at their job.

Investing in the health of your workforce is an investment in your business. Reduce the risk of disease by proactive education and strategies that support workplace health and performance.

This workshop includes:

  • Information – Learn what is chronic disease and how it impacts your bottom line
  • Signs and Symptoms – Discover how to know if you are at RISK
  • Assessment – Assessing your risk factors and measuring risk status
  • Programs – Understand the difference between health and wellness vs. chronic disease management
  • Personal Commitment – Accepting and learning readiness for change and health behaviours

This workshop includes complimentary individual RISK assessments for all participants


"Chris is very professional and supportive, but also honest and direct, which is just what I needed." 

~ Jane