Healthy Communication Skills for Workplace Wellbeing

Healthy communication skills are essential for promoting efficiency, effectiveness, and a collaborative team environment.

We are all busy, we have daily tasks that need to be done, and we go about our business with our heads down. Often, we are hired for our technical skills. However, whatever career choice we make, we are required on a daily basis to engage in communication, whether that be on the phone, via email, through social media, or face to face. How often do we take time to think about the effectiveness of this communication?

In this workshop we will be discussing healthy communication skills to improve workplace wellbeing. These skills will help to improve relationships, reduce stress and conflict, increase teamwork and cohesion, and encourage collaboration and innovation.

This workshop includes:

  • Online communication – How to develop attraction marketing & mitigate negative dialogue
  • Purposeful and present – How to build an engaging style, manage stress, and communicate positively
  • Understanding others – How to listen and ask questions with rapport and connection
  • Straightforward and clear – How to use concise language and become easy to listen to
  • Managing emotions – How to stay in control and be assertive

"This workshop really couldn't have come at a better time, I feel so fortunate to have been a participate, and meet some great women along the way."

~ Kim