Let's Talk About Mental Health!

It is completely normal for each and every one of us to experience periods in life where maintaining good mental health may be a challenge. By learning the skills to help us navigate these times, we can reduce our risks of developing serious mental health problems, illness and harm.

This workshop will focus on developing awareness and understanding of our own mental health and wellbeing, so that we can better support ourselves through the challenging times.

Focused on the practical skills and strategies to support healthy thinking patterns, this workshop aims to build protective factors and promote better mental health for yourself.

This workshop includes:

  • Understand - Demistify, what is mental health?
  • Risk factors - Identify the risk factors that impact mental health and ways to reduce them
  • Thought Patterns - Manage your thoughts to influence healthy behaviours and outcomes (cognitive restructuring)
  • Warning signs - Identify the signs you or another person might need support
  • Resources - How to access further resources and professional support
  • When things are not ok - What to do if things are not “OK”
  • Confidence - Build your confidence to have a conversation about mental health for you or your workmates

"This workshop really couldn't have come at a better time, I feel so fortunate to have been a participate, and meet some great women along the way."

~ Kim