Rattled to Resilient

How to cope with the ups and downs and bounce back from challenges. In a workplace setting, resilience can be applied to employees' abilities to manage anything from a tough workload to frustrating colleagues. Building resilience in the workplace is vital for any organisation wanting staff to operate at peak efficiency.

Resilience is usually defined as “the positive capacity to cope with stress or adversity”. And resilience in the workplace refers to an employee’s ability to cope with the various challenges of the modern workplace: learning new technology, downsizing, mergers, increased workload, budget pressures or deadlines, or dealing with any environmental adversity such as drought, bushfires and a pandemic.

Research has shown that resilience is “the single most important factor in determining whether a person is successful, satisfied and happy” (Shatt, 2008, The Resilience Factor). Building resilience also reduces stress and lessens the risk of depression and mental illness. Research by the Black Dog Institute shows enhanced resilience leads to a “significant improvement in job satisfaction, productivity and retention in the workplace.” Provide your employees with the resilience training and skills they need to perform at their best.

This workshop includes:

  • Activities and Strategies – Know how to visualize success and achieve your goals, and the importance of gratitude and positivity and how it can transform your limiting beliefs
  • Mind/ Body Connection – How positive emotions can affect our physical wellbeing
  • Resiliency Actions - How to overcome adversities from environmental disaster
  • Signature Strengths – Learn your ‘natural’ gifts
  • Personal Development – Discover how to face your problems with confidence and look at challenges as growth opportunities
  • Inner Core – Look at your values that contribute to your wellbeing

"I found Christine to be very engaging and entertaining as well as providing easy to understand information on health."

~ Mary