Stress to Strength - it's up to you!

Helping individuals & teams manage their stress, build resilience and inspire a positive mindset. Creating a harmonious working environment, strong relationships and a healthy company culture. This is a highly interactive and dynamic workshop where participants learn how to develop strategies to reduce tension and anxiety, practice resiliency techniques, and design personal action plans.

The stress management techniques and skills taught enable the participants to improve their focus and motivation, and increase and sustain a healthy, positive attitude at work and at home.

This workshop includes:

  • Information about Stress - What is stress, its symptoms and triggers
  • Signs of Stress - How to know if you are stressed, or struggling with it
  • Workplace Stress – How stress in your workplace affects your performance
  • Stress Management - How to minimise negative anxiety, worry and manage stress through external environmental disasters (i.e. drought, bushfire, COVID)
  • Stress Solution – Learn Personal Stress Buster Plan and goals to enhance positive outcomes in business

This workshop includes a complimentary online program; providing participants with the continued information and support to mitigate and manage stress through challenge and adversity.


"The workshop on stress management was both enlightening and engaging."

~ Andrew