From Stress... To Strength This Summer

Mar 03, 2021

So you have had a hectic year and life has been “busy”. You have been flat out at work and there hasn’t been much downtime. You have had a lot on your plate this year and have experienced your fair share of stress. You need a break and as we wind down the year, there is no time like summer to recharge and relax. Days are longer, weather is warmer, holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to take a well-earnt rest.

Summer is the perfect time to take back control of your health, release the stress and reclaim your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. There are 4 simple steps you can take this summer which will realign your authentic inner self, reinstate balance, harmony and strength back into your life.

According to Corporate Health and Performance Coach Christine Boucher from Natural Health Balance reducing stress, regaining your strength and getting healthy comes down to four simple lifestyle considerations: nutrition, exercise, relaxing and connecting.


There is no time like the summer to eat nutritious healthy meals. Nurturing your body for health and happiness promotes the energy and mood beneficial for releasing stress. Crisp cold salads, seafood on the BBQ, luscious juicy tropical fruits all contain the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that honour our physiology and inspire a healthy attitude towards life.

Summer is ideal for hydrating ourselves, water provides us with energy, vitality and a summer glow. Nothing quenches your thirst quite like water, especially when it is hot outside. Add a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint over ice to give it a refreshing twist and kick of flavour.

When we are under stress our digestive system is deactivated and we are simply not absorbing the vital nutrient’s our bodies need. Providing a healthy diet helps to strengthen our immune system giving us the resilience to ward off harmful viruses. Nurture your health, increase your strength and eliminate stress through good nutrition.



The warm summer months inspire outdoor activities, walking along the beach, kayaking, swimming, hiking and bike riding to name a few. Get the kids off their devices and out into the sunshine. Involve the whole family. Exercise is important for everyone young and old.

Exercise stimulates our healthy, happy hormones, increasing endorphins and regulating cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which increases during stress and stores fat around our waist as a survival response. Not only will you reduce your waist line but all your stress will simply melt away. Strengthening your physical self, whilst promoting good mental health.



There is something that is relaxing about the summer season; so, make the most of that relaxation by getting a little more rest. Sleeping is the one thing people over look when getting healthy. Yet, getting enough rest makes exercise and eating right that much easier. Reading a good book in the hammock, meditating in a field, relaxing under the shade of a tree are all great ways to promote rest.

Sleep and relaxation promotes the rest and digest response, this is the opposite of the fight and flight stress response. It is the optune time for our bodies to heal, cells to rejuvenate and repair, digestion works effectively and our bodies absorb the vital nutrients required for optimal health. Our immune system is enabled to ward off harmful viruses. Our bodies become strong our minds become focused.



Summer is the time to connect with friends and family. Have a chat over the garden fence with neighbours. We can lose touch with loved ones during the year when life is hectic. The warm weather and reduced pace brings people out into the sunshine and provides the opportunity to reconnect with each other off line, face to face in real time.

Connection is powerful for our well-being, a simple hug can stimulate oxytocin opening up our arteries and allowing blood and oxygen to flow to our vital organs. It makes us feel good, happy with a sense of belonging. Time is precious and it’s the special moments we spend with those we love that fills our cup with love, reducing the stress and giving us the strength we need. Summer is a time to strengthen connections and sooth your soul.

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