Corporate Wellness Programs

Your organisation is unique. 

The most successful Corporate Wellness Programs are bespoke.

Custom-designed, wellbeing solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the employees of the organisations for which they are created.


If you’re looking to achieve real results in the health of your employees and the wellbeing of your organisation, the first step is to identify the challenges your team are fighting. The invisible restraints holding them back from performing at their best.

Simply put, a cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness is ineffective.

Wellness Worx, has the skills and experience to navigate the intricacies of this working dynamic and is a must have if you’re striving for the best outcomes for your business.


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"Organisational health is the single most competitive advantage in any business."

- Patrick Lencioni

Our Process

All levels of your organisation, including the Leadership Team, must participate in the 30-day assess stage where your current health and wellness-related programs and policies will be evaluated. Upon conclusion, you’ll have a specific, honest and transparent report.

This assessment will be transformed into a 12 month strategic wellness plan with a roadmap for implementation that takes into account the requirements and wants of your employees without sacrificing business outcomes.

Upon completion of service deliverables, we deliver a comparative report. Our bespoke wellness programs have been shown to improve company outcomes and provide an astounding 6X return on investment.

Take action and be proactive in looking after your most valuable business asset - your people.

Remember, every day you don’t make a change is costing you.

Don’t waste any more time, money, and energy on generic Health and Wellness Programs that "tick the box" but don’t work or light up people to make a change. We’ll show you the right way to spark joy back into your organisation!

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