Kindness is Key

Feb 03, 2021

When we come from our heart-centred space, from a space of love, compassion, care and kindness we can make a difference in the world, in our community, in our workplace and at home.

To be truly kind means to let go of the ego centre, the negative fearful thinking, the judgement, the conflict, the disagreance and the need to be right.

To accept the situation as is, without hesitations, without reservations, openly and fully with ones heart. It can take practice and it can be challenging but when we let go of the burdens of negativity and release the anguish of our pride and ego to just be in the moment, mindfully, unconditionally and completely. A place to breathe without restriction, removed from tension and relaxed within oneself and the moment.


It all starts with being kind with oneself. You know how you operate when youv’e had a stressful day with challenges from work collegues, kids at home wanting your attention, you haven’t had time to relax, you haven’t had time for you. Your operating on empty and your tolerance is low. Your ready to snap at someone, give them a piece of your mind. Share your conflicting views or let that woman in the supermarket know what she was doing wrong under the current restrictions. So much judgement, so much fear, so much stress.


Ask yourself the question. “What do I need in this moment?” Your own internal emotional intelligence will provide you with the answers you seek. Getting a good nights rest, connecting online with friends, hugging your children. The answers lie within, unlock your heart and start with being kind to yourself. When your cup is full, when you have had ample sleep, managed your stress, taken time for self-care you will be more equipped to not only be kind to yourself but also towards others.


We are all experiencing our own personal challenges it’s a part of life's journey. Currently, this has been exacerbated with the recent natural and environmental disasters East Gippsland has endured, from drought to fires to a global pandemic. Stress is elevated, from worrying about the loss of income to the health and well-being of the family.

Stress manifests itself in many ways with a variety of internal emotions. People who are feeling anxious worried or stressed may not be themselves. Agitation, frustration, anger, annoyance, sadness, scared, depressed are just a few of the emotions people may be experiencing. Stress presents externally in many ways through behaviours; being rude, isolating oneself, drinking heavily, yelling, being judgemental and is detrimental to self and others. What is important is that we respond with kindness, it is the water that can put out the fire.

Kindness is the key to unlocking the compassion and empathy within your heart. Kindness bites its tongue and does not seek to be correct or judge. Kindness seeks to understand, to listen with open ears and an open heart. To ask the question – “What do you need at this moment?”

Kindness provides us with the courage to not react reflectivley with negativity and unhealthy behavoiurs that will potentially add fuel to the fire.

We don’t truly know what is happening in another person's world. They may have just had to close down their business, a loved one may have passed away. Their internal emotional feelings may be exposing and projecting unhealthy behaviours out into the world. Adding fuel to the fire can exacerbate feelings of stress, ignite more negative behaviours and create combustion of conflict that impacts all bystanders whether that
be in the real world or virtually.

You should in no way undermine your self-worth at the expense of others, but simply practice kindness while upholding your integrity. Acting with the strength and conviction of support, compassion and kindness towards others. Be kind even when its hard!

Mother Teresa’s poem titled Anyway, in which she states: “People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centred; forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; be kind anyway.”


Being kind to someone who is behaving negatively or inappropriately can be hard. If you're met with hostility, rudeness or disrespect we naturally get our defenses up and prepare for battle. I’m going to challenge you to respond differently, respond with kindness even when it's really hard.

If we are kind to each other as a community we can put out the fires of conflict, we can dampen the stress and we can spray conscious love and compassion across the region.

By incorporating daily acts of kindness into your community will create the butterfly effect- Edward Lorenz chaos theory, is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system.

The concept is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a typhoon. Your one act of kindness can potentially have a massive impact on the world!

This too shall pass, there will be an opportunity for travel and connecting with family and friends again, hope reigns within the horizon as the sun sets. To be together and embark on a future filled with the regrowth of humanity, the blooms of compassion basking in the warm embrace of kindness.



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