What do your employees want when it comes to Health & Wellness Programs?

Jun 04, 2020

I had a really interesting meeting with the leadership team of an organization of 100 + employees just the other day. It got me thinking how often does this happen? How often are organizations not hitting the mark because they simply do not know what their employees want? They have not asked the question.

The purpose of the meeting was to ascertain the challenges faced by the organization and determine the most suitable Health & Wellness Plan to address their specific needs and achieve their desired outcomes.

As I sat there in the boardroom listening to the strategies and programs they had already rolled out. I witnessed pats on the back and compliments for a job well done. Yet it was soon discovered that there was a lack of employee engagement. The employees were simply not interested, participating or engaging in the facilitated programs.

Whilst it was impressive with the amount of time and energy the organization were investing into their employees around Health & Wellness it was still falling short. Not to mention the money that was spent yet not ultimately meeting their needs nor achieving maximum engagement of employees.

Ultimately they were successful at ticking some corporate legislative requirements in providing Health & Wellness. Yet All I could see was time, energy and money wasted. After much discussion and listening to these leaders I posed my first question.

What do your employees want?

This was followed by silence, the team leaders looked at each other and one stated. “I guess we’ve really never asked them”

To get your employees onboard with Health & Wellness, to get them engaged, participating, interested and even excited you have to hit the nail on the head. Provide the solutions, information and education that is desired, needed and wanted by the employees. Simply give them what they want. Ask the question and provide.

The most successful Health & Wellness Programs are custom designed to suit the needs of the employees at any given organization. Natural Health Balance provides 30 day appraisals. As a Corporate Health Advisor I come into your organization communicate and challenge the employees around their needs and wants.

I meet with the Health & Wellness Team the Leadership Team and the Employees. I peruse through your current Health & Wellness programs and policies. By the end of 30 days you will have a specific and honest external report. A pair of objective fresh eyes looking in, facilitating discussion and concluding on recommendations moving forward.

A comprehensive written strategic plan around what your employees want and what the business needs. In order to optimize engagement, maximize enjoyment and achieve the desired outcomes required that are specific to you, your employees and your organization.

No two organizations are the same and a cookie cutter approach to Health and Wellness may tick the “we provided” box but in my experience it does not achieve those important results that you want for the health of your employees and the well-being of your organization, company or business.

Custom designed Health & Wellness Programs are specific and commonsensical. Why not book in one of our health experts to appraise the health of your business today. The return on investment is well worth the experience.

Your employees will be more than grateful that they have been heard, valued and taken care of. This will be evident in what they give back to the business and your overall bottom line. Don’t waste any more time, energy or money on Health & Wellness Programs that don’t work and don’t engage.

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking the question.

What do you want?

Christine Boucher

Corporate Health Advisor.

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